Growth Factors (aka Cellular Peptides)

There are genes within each specific cell (cerebellum, liver, kidney, heart, etc.) coded for cell specific peptides. These peptides, referred to as "Growth Factors," trigger key reactions for all cell repair and reconstruction. Mesenchymal are the most basic and ubiquitous.

With the deciphering of DNA-codes we have made a gigantic step closer to truly healing diseases effectively; with a much better understanding as to the underlying mechanisms of cell and organ functions.

The key steps for the omnibus and healthy control of the organ system are very basic:

  • A segment of DNA is called a gene
  • A gene codes for a specific peptide
  • A peptide travels to a site in the body where it can trigger the correct action for promoting homeostatic organ functioning
  • For every organ system there are several specific peptides, to wit; different gene, different peptide
  • Peptides for humans and closely related animals (sheep, pig, cow) are very similar in structure
  • These processes are most perfect and correspondingly potent in embryonic and very young cellular tissues. Aging gradually causes these cellular processes to become slower and slower, often resulting in a form of "confusion" so to speak
  • Peptides in the elderly can no longer synthesize correctly, thus "correctable" actions do not trigger properly, result of something going seriously wrong in this "chain of command" is disease
  • To treat disease, cell extracts from specific embryonic animal tissues (highly active peptides) are prepared with high-tech methods, and administered via intramuscular injections
  • By way of example: The liver peptides derived from embryonic sheep or pig cells stimulate corresponding liver functions in the human liver. Thymus cell extracts stimulate thymus functioning, etc.
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