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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Stem Cells

ProGenaCell is the only Stem Cell therapy company in the world whose physicians have the capability of treating patients with several different therapies. The first type of cells used for treatment are stem cells from a donor- this is the Umbilical cord blood (cord blood transplant) and the second type of cells used for treatment are Xenocells (animal) which are extremely effective used alone, but may also be used in conjunction with Cord blood cells. The combination of Cord Blood cells and Xeno cells represents a very highly effective regenerative treatment for Autism and other progressive and serious Neurological Diseases. Interestingly, in the last several years, implanted cells have conclusively been found within three parts of the brain. This implies that regeneration of damaged brain tissue is possible, even to crucial neurons (which carry nerve impulses) and the critical supporting glial cells. Cord blood therapy has been shown to actually grow new brain cells. Autistim is a spectrum of disorders (ASD) characterized by marked abnormalities in communication and social interactions. Abnormal immune activity has also been implicated in children diagnosed with ASD, with a recent study of children diagnosed demonstrating a systemic and intestinal immune dysfunction similar to that found in Crohn's disease; in particular peripheral blood and mucosal cells significantly increased in children with ASD, versus non-inflamed controls.

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