About ProGenaCell

ProGenaCell, is a U.S. domiciled company that provides physician delivered safe and effective regenerative cellular therapies to patients worldwide.

ProGenaCell cells have been used to treat tens of hundreds of degenerative diseases over the last two decades, gradually rising to the "top of class" when treating most degenerative and neurologically based diseases. ProGenaCell regenerative cellular treatments focus on improving the lives of patients through the delivery of safe, advanced regenerative fresh cellular therapy.


ProGenaCell's network of internationally based cellular clinics provide patients with cutting-edge cellular therapy. These two combined treatments have proven to be the leaders in highly effective and results-proven therapies.

Each regenerative cellular clinic provides not only state-of-the art treatment programs, but also dedicated teams of specialists, surgeons, clinical staff and other health experts. ProGenaCell imbues a caring and nurturing environment where patients and their families can find the latest regenerative cellular therapy advancements within a single treatment center.

Patient Driven Care

At ProGenaCell, our entire healthcare team members are dedicated to serve one purpose - ensure patients in need obtain complete satisfaction. ProGenaCell is committed to bringing advanced cellular therapy solutions to all patient in need regardless of geographic location.

The ProGenaCell Pledge

ProGenaCell's primary mission is to make sure that every patient is treated in the most professional and caring fashion. Restoring life; restoring hope; providing support with compassion; and patient empowerment – each the cornerstone of the ProGenaCell Pledge.

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