Stop the Progression of this Disease.

Blood Cells

Build new Brain and Nerve Cells.

Stem Cell
Growth Factors

Potent Regeneration of Damaged Cells.

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    Southern California (U.S.), Baja California (Mexico), Southern Germany (Germany).

Integrative Stem Cell Treatment

ProGenaCell Treatment Plans

The Stem Cells of choice used by Progenacell physicians are Umbilical Cord Blood Cells and Progenitor Growth Factors (Xenotransplants.)

Most stem cell companies use one or the other in their treatment program, however Progenacell is the only company in the world that has perfected the use of both of these therapies combined as one treatment.

The implications for a rapid and full recovery from everything from damaged brain cells to liver and kidney disease are enormous. Progenacell physicians now have the potential to create healing where previously there was no hope of recovery.

* Patient results may vary

Progenacell includes pre-therapy detoxification, diet and follow up programs for optimal cell therapy results. Affordable treatment programs are made available for all patients based on quantities of cells purchased.

The ProGenaCell difference

Q. What sets ProGenaCell apart from other Stem Cell Companies?
A. The Quality and Source of the Stem Cells and experience of ProGenaCell physicians.

Q. Why do these particular Stem Cells achieve more positive outcome for patients?
A. Preparation and follow up. The focus of integrative stem cell therapy is to use complementary therapies to significantly enhance the efficacy of advanced stem cell therapy.

Q. What do these Integrative therapies accomplish?
A. Integrative therapies help prepare the patient's body for the reception of the cells. Certain of these continue during and post therapy ensuring on-going success of the treatment.

Q. Is Regeneration and building new Brain and Nerve cells the sole purpose with Integrative Therapies?
A. All programs are designed to regenerate damaged cells, build new cells, develop stronger immune systems and return the body to homeostatis.