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Cells have the ability to self-renew and multiply resulting in new generations of cells. These new generations of cells can potentially replace any diseased or damaged organ cellular. By healing damaged cells, the result can be a reversal of and restoration of the aging process. As we age, cells become old and can no longer replace themselves with healthy cells. cellular therapy works at the cellular level to induce cells to reproduce themselves at minimum, with the goal to repair or replace damaged cells with new cells.

The implications for a rapid and full recovery from everything from damaged brain cells to liver and kidney disease are enormous. We now have the potential to create healing where previously there was no hope of recovery.

Fresh human cord blood cells are the cells of choice by ProGenaCell physicians. Most cellular companies have not mastered the manufacturing and delivery of fresh, never frozen human umbilical card blood cells. Why?

  • Fresh cells are young, potent cells able to regenerate and restore damaged cells.
  • Capable of undergoing changes in response to environmental or genetic factors.
  • Easy of adaptability (growth, migration, mobility, creation of cellular-to-cellular contacts).
  • More frequent and faster cellular division and differentiation.
  • Produce large amounts of various growth factors.
  • Low immunogenicity.
  • Can survive on energy supplied by glycolysis and low amounts of oxygen.

Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cells

Cord blood cells come from human umbilical cords after a full-term natural birth. These cells generally number 100,000 to 300,000, but not enough for effective healing purposes. Skilled ProGenaCell scientists culture these cells in approved laboratories to amounts upwards from 10-50 million. These young, potent cells have the capability of traveling to injured, diseased and degenerative areas of the body and powerfully bringing about healthy changes. With these cells, there are virtually no instances of graft versus host disease or rejection issues. Cord blood-derived cells sport a good track record.

Cord blood cells were used therapeutically for the first time in 1988. Since then, a host of laboratory and human based studies have been undertaken that demonstrate cord-blood therapy is a viable means for treating various neurological diseases, autoimmune conditions, viral conditions and various blood diseases.

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