Parkinson's Disease

I was diagnosed with Dementia or early stages of Parkinson's in 2018. This was devastating to me as I was a Professor and had to give up teaching.

I noticed that even the smallest things from writing bank checks in order to pay bills was difficult. I would begin to write, but then couldn't remember who I was making the check out to. My brain haze seemed to be the worst complication, but I was having trouble walking as well, particularly with one leg. To make things worse I had been diagnosed with Diabetes.

We had crossed the border many times over the years and had no trepidations. In fact the trip was most plesant, ProgenaCell's clinic and doctor were finer than most in the US, and we felt like we were on vacation. Beautiful accommodations.

The cellular therapy was surprising in that there was no surgery required. It was administered over two days and we took the rest home to complete. They included special pancreas cells to work on the diabetes as well as specific brain and neuronal cells for the dementia.

They were amazed at the changes. My head had cleared completely of the haze; I was much more verbal and able to carry on a conversation; I had lost 10 pounds-a nice side effect of accelerated metabolism with the therapy; my leg was much better and I was walking with no pain for the first time in a long time; my wife said that my skin looked like it did when I was a 20 year old - smooth and glowing.

Improvements seem to continue, in fact I am now thinking about returning to teaching.

- Gary P. Denver, CO
Parkinson's Disease

I wish to share my "cellular therapy journey" as many of my friends are asking with interest - "how are you feeling?" and "are you noticing any changes?

I received cellular treatment for Parkinson Disease with ProgenaCell in late March 2018. Almost immediately my high blood pressure, which had been of concern, was lower.

Within two weeks of treatment my head had cleared of its "brain fog" and I felt better than I had for quite a while. Just the little things that required brain power had been restored. Writing numbers has become less tiny and cramped-looking.

Swallowing liquids before cells had also become an increasing problem and of great concern. This is now greatly improved.

I had also become quite heat intolerant. This is also much improved and I can now tolerate higher temperatures without becoming completely uncomfortable. I am also sleeping much better at night and throughout the night.

And this past Sunday at church two people, independently, told me they thought I was walking better. I previously walked with a stiff gait.

All in all my improvements are remarkable. The trip to California and to Baja were enjoyable and we were attended to by a wonderful, professional ProgenaCell team and doctors at the clinic.

- Oren H. Birmingham, AL
Parkinson's Disease

I am a 65-year-old male diagnosed with Parkinson's in early 2006. My condition was deteriorating with slurring of speech and tremors in both my hands and legs.

I was told by a friend that ProGenaCell, an international healthcare company in Newport Beach California, was directing its Parkinson's patients to an affiliate hospital in Baja California using advanced cellular therapy.

After working with representatives at ProgenaCell received my first treatment in November 2017 at their wonderful hospital in Baja California. I was treated there by a very knowledgeable doctor who has been doing cellular therapy for over 15 years.

And now, back in California and continuing treatment, I have seen significant progress. My speech improved within a month, my energy level has increased significantly, and my tremors are all but gone. I am also exercising daily and following a new diet regiment.

I can't thank the people and doctors at ProGenaCell enough for the help and hope that they have given me.

- Bob H. Malibu, CA
Parkinson's Disease

When I was finally diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease I had compromised neurological function. My arms and hands shook quite badly and I had a very unsteady gait.

Within four months of treating with cells I was able to go on a 2 week trip to Europe, felt great and kept up with the tours through the Cathedrals.

A year later, I still add in other alternative things for Parkinson's, but I can say for sure that the cellular treatment stopped the progression of this disease and I am very happy. I feel like I can live my life again.

- B.V. San Diego, CA

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