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  • Protein appears to protect against bone loss in arthritis

    In the event you are for what do stem cells do you will find the following piece extremely helpful. We are Regenerative Medicine experts have collected this post below that we do hope you will find educational and of use when shopping for where are stem cells found. Make sure you search around our website for past blog posts and articles and videos; as well keep an eye out for additional specifics about the topic from our daily blog and article publishing.

    A small protein named GILZ appears to protect against the bone loss that often accompanies arthritis and its treatment, researchers report. Arthritis as well as aging prompt the body to make more fat than bone, and the researchers have previously shown GILZ can restore a more youthful, healthy mix. It also tamps down inflammation, a major factor in arthritis, they say….Protein appears to protect against bone loss in arthritis.

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