Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of cells do trained ProGenaCell physicians Use in their treatment practice?
A. Umbilical Allo Cord Blood cells and Xeno Cellular Growth Factors.

Q. Cord Blood cells - What are they?
A. Cord blood cells come from human Umbilical Cords after a full-term natural birth. These cells generally number 100,000 to 300,000, but not enough for quantum healing. Skilled ProGenaCell scientists culture these cells in approved laboratories to amounts upwards from 10-50 million. These young, potent cells have the capability of traveling to injured, diseased and degenerative areas of the body and powerfully bringing about healthy changes.

Q. Are Cord Blood Cells safe?
A. Yes. While Cord Blood Cells have only recently begun to get attention, they were approved by the FDA in the late 1980's for use in certain blood related diseases. Since then a host of laboratory and human-use studies have been carried out demonstrating they have merit for treating not blood diseases, autoimmune conditions including MS, viral conditions and neurodegenerative diseases.

Q. What is Xeno Transplantation/ Growth Factors?
A. Xeno cells involve the transfer of cells, tissues or organs between one species of animal to another species. However, they are so similar that they can be used between all species. This xeno cellular therapy was first perfected in 1930's in Switzerland and has evolved today to become one of the most highly successful alternative treatments used for the regeneration and healing of numerous human diseases.

Referred to as "Growth Factors," these organ specific cells stimulate the cells within your own body to assist in their repair and regeneration. When your body is invaded by poisons, toxins, bacteria, and viruses the necessary Peptides or "Growth Factors" in an aging body may not be available in adequate quantities to heal damaged organs.

Q. Are they Safe?
A. Yes. These cells have been approved by the German FDA equivalency. Trained ProGenaCell physicians have been using Growth Factors for as a treatment therapy for over 30 years. These cells are young and have not yet developed an immune sy, so there is a seamless transfer to humans with no rejection or allergic reaction. These cells are manufactured in Germany according to GMP standards.

Q. Does your treatment require patients to take Immune Suppresive Drugs?
A. No immune suppression is required in clinical application of these cellular therapies.

Q. Is Surgery required for ProGenaCell Treatments?
A. NO! These treatments do not require any surgery of any kind! There is nothing done to the patient that is invasive to the brain or the body as a whole. The patient receives the treatments by IM or IV.

Q. Does ProGenaCell use Human Embryonic cells?
A. No! Human Embryonic cells still hold a high moral and ethical stigma. Few cellular Companies use them (other than Russia) and some scientists believe that they may lead to cancerous tissue growth.

Q. Do drugs help Parkinson's patients?
A. Some medications used are Carbidopa-levodopa, PD Medicine agonists, MAO B inhibitors, Catechol O-methyltransferase (COMT) inhibitors, Anticholinergics and Amantadine. Despite inducing temporary improvement, (albeit the effecasy of these drugs diminishes over time) these approaches possess long-term adverse effects due to non-specific inhibition of neural responses. Additionally, current treatments do not address the issue of damage that has already occurred to the brain.

Q. What are Autologous Adipose (fat) cells? Do they really work for Parkinson's treatment?
A. Perhaps ... however, one clinically defining difference between adipose (fat) cells and those from autologous bone marrow is: When injured or sick, bone marrow cells naturally migrate from bone into all our bloodstreams and then make their way to tissues and organs through the human body (including the brain) where they participate in repair and restorative activities. This constitutes a natural healing mechanism and health supportive role for our bodies. The same cannot be said of fat cells. Fat cells are NOT summoned to the brain when injury or disease strikes.

There are a few cellular clinics who use a patient's own adipose (fat) to treat diseases, however, introducing fat cells are not part of natures' own healing kit. For adults seeking treatment or series of treatments involving fat derived cells, caution might be exercised to ensure they have no tumors or microtumors in their body. Why? There is evidence that fat tissue progenitor cells naturally gravitate towards tumors and participate in processes linked to their growth and can perhaps even spread the tumors. (See abstracts below) To infuse a patient who has such tumors or microtumors with fat cells would thus be akin to throwing gasoline on a fire.

Clinics who introduce fat cells - those cells which are not normally part of nature's own healing kit and process them for treatment may be putting their patients at elevated risk for complications.

Ref: NCBI - (Human periprostatic white adipose tissue is rich in stromal progenitor cells and a potential source of prostate tumor stroma.)

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